ALM Mozambique

“United we will reach success!”

Legal status: Associação de Laboratórios de Moçambique (ALM), Lunched November 2011.

1. Introduction of the role of test and calibration laboratories in facilitating trade
The development and strengthening of assessment of compliance in Mozambique is a indispensable for the sustainable development of A country. These infrastructures are fundamentally calibration and test laboratories. Which in their business provide the producing companies of goods and services the necessary certification to access markets with quality and credibility.

2. Who are we and why do we exist?
The ALM, is a private company endowed with legal capacity with administrative, financial and equity autonomy. It is a national organization and non-profitable. The ALM object is to represent, defend and promote the interest of its associates, which are singular or collective laboratories on the public and private sector.

3. What do we do?
• Mission
o To contribute to the achievement of quality services done by Laboratories associated;
o To provide reasonable guarantees in compliance with international Standards;
o Assist Laboratories in the accreditation process by providing sources of proficiency testing, calibration services and specific training in each area of analysis.

• Vision
o Provide services with competitive prices, qualified experts and multidisciplinary team who can provide a wide range of solutions to our customer needs, including on training on standards for test, calibration and clinical laboratories.

• Objectives
o It aims to promote cooperation between the different Mozambican laboratories in order to contribute and guarantee the quality of data supplies by these.
o Also to collaborate with official entities on the elaboration of politics to protect public health and environmental safety.
o To accomplish the described objectives the ALM promotes the organization of human, financial and technical resources, necessary to the operation and maintenance. The coordination of these activities is made by conventions, contacts and understandings with private and public entities.
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4. How we can help you/ Service offering
We can support our associates on the training of their staff, this guarantees the laboratory efficiency, quality and accuracy of results reported to the community. This work results on the market trust of the laboratories.
How to promote national experts with competitive pricing and quicker time response to our customers.
We also offer a meeting point for members to collaborate on a network.

5. Impact Achieved so far
1. We started with 10 funding members and now we are at 31 members.
2. Through projects supported by UNIDO, SRLA and ALM, several trainings were done, and participation in national and international congresses and seminars

6. Memberships

Category Benefits
  1. Share Information and data
  2. Continuous professional development
  3. Access to Qualified national and international experts
  4. Multidisciplinary team constituted by member and volunteers
Individual 1.      To be part of National Team

2.      To be part of Trainers Team

3.      To be part of Auditors or Assessores Team



Region Number of Laboratories/Suplies/Individual Scope of Laboratories
1. South, Central and North of Mozambique 13 Testing Laboratories
2. South of Mozamique 6 Clinical Laboratories
3. South of Mozambique 2 Metrological Laboratories
4. South 4 Supplies
5. South 4 Individual

• Membership fees available upon request

7. Management of the MS-NLA
• Executive committee (5 lines)
• Including some info on the link to SRLA (2 lines)
• Assembly: Is the head of the association and is composed by all the members
• Direction Council: represents the assembly in National and International Events and guarantees the objectives of the NLA. It is constituted by the President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer and Vowel.
• Fiscal Council: Control and inspection of all the activities. It is constituted by the President, Vice-president, and Secretary, first and second Vowel

8. How do you contact us?
Address: The majority of events are done on meeting rooms offered by members.
Telephone: +258 865910001
Website: ———

9. Important SQAM dates
• World Metrology Day, 20 May;
• World Accreditation Day, 9 June;
• World Standards Day, 14 October;
• World Quality Day, 2nd Thursday of November.