Laboratories Federation of Lesotho

“Together in provision of reliable tests results”

The LFL is registered with the Law Office

1. Short introduction of the role of test and calibration laboratories in facilitating trade
Tested once and accepted everywhere.

2. Who are we and why do we exist?
The name of the Association is Laboratories Federation of Lesotho (LFL) established in 2010 to assist laboratories in the following five key areas (a) accreditation, (b) training, (c) knowledge/technology transfer through seminars, workshops, etc., (d) encourage international recognition and (e) liaise with SADCAS

3. What do we do?
• Mission
To build an effective federation towards accreditation by all test and calibration laboratories in Lesotho

• Vision
Working together to ensure all test and calibration laboratories are accredited in Lesotho

• Objectives

  • To encourage one-to-one interaction of all testing, calibration and inspection laboratories in order to guide in workplace Laboratory capability, development of skills , infrastructure and assessment necessary for accreditation
  • To represent the experience, knowledge and formulated opinions of all Lesotho laboratories on a technical, ethical and commercial level.
  • To assist members in the interpretation of accreditation requirements, to identify generic national accreditation needs and to resolve issues on such matters for all Laboratories in Lesotho
  • To establish a singular interface of representation of its members with SADCAS and ILAC.
  • To provide a mechanism for Knowledge and technology transfer among its members by means of workshops, seminars, symposia, specialist interest groups, printed reports and newsletters.
  • To establish effective communication channels for technology transfer with organizations that have similar objectives to the LFL.
  • To provide and encourage International professional recognition for scientific work and provide appropriate training in Quality management systems and all issues of accreditation.
  • Liaise with SADCAS and other International Organizations, for all laboratories in matters related to accreditation, capacity building and ongoing personnel certification in compliance with Lesotho Laws.
  • To advocate and assist all the national laboratories and associations involved in research and development, and provide technical evaluation and conformity assessment services based on measurements, testing and analyses of materials, products or equipment, in order to provide an organized interface at the National and regional level between this community of laboratories and all other parties having an interest in these fields e g. (SADCAS).
  • To facilitate the technical cooperation between Lesotho and Southern African laboratories and other relevant organizations in order to accelerate the development and harmonization of measurement, test and analytical methods, and their unified implementation thereafter.
  • To promote the mutual acceptance of measurement, test and analytical results by, inter alia, the building of confidence, the development of quality assurance and traceability, and the implementation of the relevant standards, e.g. the ISO 17025, ISO 15189 series in Lesotho.
  • To provide corresponding expertise in the field of testing to Lesotho organizations and authorities.

4. How we can help you/ Service offering

  • Training
  • Internal Audit
  • Support members when developing their Quality Management Systems
  • Assistance with the accreditation process
  • Knowledge sharing through meetings and workshops
  • Enhance market share through formal recognition

5. Impact Achieved so far

  • LFL has done presentations to top management and laboratory personnel of several laboratories
  • Constitution drafted and registered with Law Office
  • Executive Committee has been elected
  • A database of all Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) has been compiled
  • LFL members have been trained on ISO/IEC 17025:2017
  • Training of Trainers in Method Validation (Analytical Laboratories)
  • SADCAS conducted Initial Assessment for Civil Engineering Laboratory (Pty) Ltd on the 5th and 6th June, 2019
  • LFL undertook Internal Audit at Civil Engineering Laboratory (Pty) Ltd on the 3rd July, 2019

6. Memberships

Category Benefits
Active Members Assistance with accreditation, training, workshops
Associated Members Training, workshops
International Affiliates Training, workshops


Region Number of Laboratories Scope of Laboratories
1 – Maseru 4 = Public (2) + Private (2) Medical – ISO 15189
13 = Public (8) + Private (1) + Parastatal (4) Inspection – ISO/IEC 17020
14 = Public (7) + Private (7) Testing/Calibration – ISO/IEC 17025
1 = Academia Testing – ISO/IEC 17025
  • Membership fees available upon request

7. Management of the MS-NLA

LFL executive committee consists of (a) the President, (b) the Vice President, (c) the Secretary General, (d) the Vice Secretary General, (e) the Treasurer and (f) five other Executive Officers. The executive members are elected into office by secret ballot and their term in office is three years. The powers and duties of the executive members are provided in the Constitution of the association.

The Secretariat of LFL is in the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the secretariat activities are undertaken by National Accreditation Focal Point in the Department of Standards and Quality Assurance.

8. How do you contact us?

Address: P. O. Box 747, Maseru, 100. LESOTHO


Telephone: +266 58051691/58855899

Website: –


9. Important SQAM dates

  • World Metrology Day, 20 May;
  • World Accreditation Day, 9 June;
  • World Standards Day, 14 October;
  • World Quality Day, 2nd Thursday of November.